Motivational Tips for Your Job Search

The job search can be exhausting after you’ve been at it for a while. The right job is out there for everyone, it just may take some time to search for it. The more you continue to motivate yourself the more success you will have in your hunt. Here are some tips to keep you… Read more »

Very Revealing Interview Questions

When interviewing a candidate, there are certain things that interviewers take for granted.  You certainly want to know if the individual will be “right” for the job.  The easy way is to allow for the candidates to take you step by step through their job history, but here are three questions you can ask about… Read more »

Effective Questions to Ask an Employer During Your Interview

It is refreshing for a company to interview a candidate who comes to the table well prepared. When you want to make that great first impression at your interview there will be several questions you can ask that will impress the interviewer. Here are five questions you can ask that will make your new potential… Read more »

Tennessee Works to Bring Jobs Back to US

Off-shoring and Outsourcing have been concerning to Americans for some time now. However, Tennessee and Nissan have been at the leading edge of the trend to bring jobs back to the US. The state of Tennessee has spent some time, along with several other states, working with Japanese manufacturers to return jobs to the American… Read more »

Eco-Conscious Manufacturing

The word “green” has been thrown about by politicians on both sides of the issue for quite some time. Being environmentally responsible seems to be the new order of the day. Is eco-conscious manufacturing really the future of the industry?  Here are several ways and reasons industrial businesses are going green. Long-term investment. Many companies… Read more »

The Talent Gap in the Manufacturing World

A shortage of skilled workers is greatly affecting manufacturing in many developed nations including the United States. Developing nations are also experiencing their own type of shortage, and both of these issues mean that manufacturing will suffer if a solution is not determined. This shortage is causing problems not only in the production arena but… Read more »

Questions to Ask Yourself About Your New Job Offer

The interviewing process can be terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time, but it only ends one of two ways. We tend to harden ourselves against the “rejection” outcome, but when it comes to an offer things become even more confusing.  What did we really want when we started looking? Was it really about… Read more »