Google’s Push for Robotics | Manufacturing Logistics

New technology is the key to leading industries into the rest of the 21st century. Businesses who do not engage with the most up to date tech won’t have the necessary advantage that it will take to be a leader in manufacturing. Internet giant Google may be leading the way for robotics in the manufacturing… Read more »

Take Advantage of the Industrial Internet

The industrial Internet, a term coined by GE, is the idea that businesses can improve their production by merging machine with big data and create smart tools to accomplish more with less. For example, the Union Pacific Railroad has installed smart sensors along their tracks which include infrared thermometers, ultrasound scanners, and microphones. Each time… Read more »

What are 3 Benefits to Hiring Temps?

There are many ways a company can work with a temporary employee. You may bring them on for a special project or you may consider them for your next permanent hire. You can work with your local staffing service to determine the right solution for you. Even if you have never considered working with a… Read more »

3 Ways to Onboard Your Temps

So often companies bring on temporary workers and expect them to “hit the ground running.” While a professional should have a shorter learning curve than someone at an entry level, it is still important to provide some onboarding to your temporary workforce. Here are three ways you can get your temps started successfully. Communicate with… Read more »

Lean vs. Six Sigma: The Demand for Talent

There are many options for a manufacturing management system to implement in your facility. Two of the most popular are Six Sigma and Lean. While Lean has been more popular over the last few years, Six Sigma is gaining ground again. Here is a look at the two systems and why the demand for talent… Read more »