Starting Off Your New Job On The Right Foot

Well, after preparing resumes, rehearsing for interviews and making the rounds until you found your next job, you’ve done it – you’ve landed your next great career opportunity! Now that the hard part is over, you might feel a bit intimidated by your new job and surroundings. Being the “new guy or gal” can be pretty stressful. It’s hard to get used to new offices, procedures, new coworkers and new responsibilities.

Getting off to a good start can set the tone for your next job!

Start off on the right foot and make a great first impression by following these five tips:

  1. Be careful not to be overly aggressive. Being enthusiastic is one thing. But, don’t be too aggressive. Contributing to meetings is a great way to warm up in your new role, but don’t feel like you have to speak up at every pause in the conversation – it’s overkill, and can be off-putting. Contributions are always welcome in just about any organization. Being a pushy know-it-all…not so much.
  2. Don’t forget anyone’s name. Don’t forget names, plain and simple. This is one of the easiest ways to get off to a bad start with your co-workers. Write them down. Use mind tricks. But don’t forget their names. You may by stumbling for a day or two, but anything after that and it’s just embarrassing.
  3. Don’t be mean. Likable people are just so…likable. Don’t be phony, but smile, laugh and relax when you can. This should speak for itself, but sometimes people are so nervous about making the “right” impression, they forget how to be themselves. Let your personality shine, and your coworkers will warm up to you in no time.
  4. Lend a hand. Are there any ways where you can possibly help out your new coworkers? Maybe your desk isn’t ready yet, but you see someone stuffing envelopes – why not help out? If you see an opportunity to earn respect with your coworkers, take it. It’s the right thing to do, and your new team won’t soon forget how the “new guy or gal” chipped in to help from the very beginning.

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