Write Better Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are an essential tool in recruiting. When written effectively, they can help you recruit top talent, receive more qualified resumes, and create a less stressful hiring process.


Do you write effective job descriptions?


Similar to how job seekers use resumes to effectively “sell” their skills and experience, job descriptions are a way for your organization to “sell” itself to potential employees. Here are some tips to help you write more effective job descriptions:

  1. Use a “hook.” Have you been intrigued to read more from a headline in the newspaper? An effective hook, including your specific job title, attracts candidates to your posting and should accurately summarize and introduce the rest of the description.
  2. Give an introduction to your organization. Potential employees are sizing up your organization as much as you are considering their qualifications. Give candidates insights into your company’s unique culture in the job description, and help give clues to the types of professionals who will thrive in your company.
  3. Avoid too much punctuation. Too much punctuation in a job description (like CAPITAL LETTERS!!!) can be a frustration and turnoff for many professionals. Let your position and company speak for themselves, without embellishments.
  4. Be specific. Don’t just list requirements and qualifications, detail opportunities and potential for a position. Motivate top performers to join your organization by presenting them with clearcut goals they can work toward and achieve if they join your team. And offer these goals and opportunities with as much detail as possible.
  5. Stand out. Maybe every company has a receptionist, but what does your company offer a receptionist that others don’t? Stress the aspects and potential of the position to make your job posting stand out from the pack.

When used effectively, job descriptions can be communication tools for your organization. Tools that can offer exciting potential for your organization’s success. If you are having difficulty creating effective job descriptions for your business, Luttrell Staffing Group can help.