Show a Winning Employment History

Hundreds of resumes can come in for one job posting. The role of the job seeker is to make sure that their resume is interesting enough to attract more than just a passing glance. Crafting a winning job history on your resume might lead to the next step in the job search process: an interview. Here are five tips to making sure your resume shows a winning employment history.

  1.  Don’t write a job description. For past employers, it is better to focus on the positive results of the job you performed than to recite the daily job duties that were required. Make sure that your language and the overall writing style is pleasing and consistent. Use words that are active rather than passive. Instead of “Responsible for” try crafting a sentence that explains your responsibilities and the overall outcome.
  2. Be specific when it comes to numbers. If you can show that you made your company more successful by quoting figures that support your statement be sure to include these details. If your job helped save the company millions of dollars by being more effective and efficient, provide as much data as you can.
  3. Make it easy to read. There is no right or wrong way to format a resume. In fact, if you ask 10 different hiring managers what format they prefer, you will likely hear 10 different answers. Format the resume in the best way for you to showcase your accomplishments on the job. You may wish to use bullets or paragraphs or a combination of the two. Don’t limit yourself to just one style.
  4. Leave off your objective or goal. In years past, it was common to include a statement at the top of the resume that told the reader in a couple short sentences exactly what type of position you were looking for. This is no longer considered standard practice. When a reviewer reads an objective statement that doesn’t match their company or the available job, they are not likely to read any further. Instead, incorporate your overall goals throughout your resume.
  5. Be Honest. Don’t lie or even over-exaggerate your job experience. Hiring managers will notice the inconsistencies that come with lying about your job history so even if you make it to the interview, you will not likely get the job. If you were to get the job after being dishonest on your resume, you would be terminated. Showcase what you can do and the contributions that you have made for previous employers. Even a less than perfect job history will be more attractive to a potential employer than a beefed up one.

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