Closing the Gap on Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is changing at a rapid pace. What use to be an industry made up of manual labor is quickly becoming an industry at the forefront of technology. American companies are in a position to make some drastic changes but can only maintain their production with access to skilled workers. As older employees are looking toward retirement and some companies are choosing to work with facilities outside of the country; manufacturers need to change the process when it comes to hiring new employees. How do you determine which employees are going to be top notch in the industry? Here are some ways manufacturing facilities are closing the gap on hiring new workers.

  • Skills Certification. There are many opportunities for workers to get certifications to prove not only proficiency in technical skills but also non-technical skills such as the ability to work well with a team and think on their feet. This not only enhances each employee’s marketability but also helps to make the companies who hire them more competitive and productive.
  • Going Green. Completely overhauling the way manufacturing facilities interact with the environment will be one of the most important changes any organization can make. Individuals are concerned about pollution and other ecological issues. Being a steward of the local environment and employing technologies that not only improve your carbon footprint but offset it will be advantageous for any company.
  • Effective Hiring. The way manufacturing companies have hired in the past was to take any individual who had even a basic competency and train them to do the job. With production lines becoming more and more complex and automated, companies really need to focus on specific skills and experience before bringing on new workers. Use testing and behavioral interviewing to determine if the candidate is the right fit for your organization.
  • Source Trade Organizations. If you wish to hire a tried and true employee who requires little training and no micromanagement; consider reaching out to the trade organizations for your industry. Workers who becoming involved in these organizations are the best of the best. You can be pretty certain that someone recommended from a reputable organization will have the competency you are looking for.

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