Programs for Career and Technical Education

In past interviews you have probably been told that you background doesn’t match the skills required for the job. With constant innovation in US manufacturing, employers are concerned about the growing skills gap. The best way to meet this challenge is to become the candidates that employers are seeking. Here are several tips for pursuing career and technical education to start closing the skills gap.

  1. Continuing Education. Contact your local technical or community college to see what kinds of technology courses they offer. When available, take courses you can add to your resume that will make your skills more in demand.
  2. Speak with mentors. Reach out to local business leaders in your industry to learn what the community needs for their production facilities. This can give you a better idea of what skills to target and develop.
  3. Work with a staffing service. Temporary assignments can help get you experience in a number of different technologies and environments. The more flexible you are with accepting jobs the more potential skills you can learn while you’re working.
  4. Apprenticeship programs. When you’re unemployed it is difficult to see the wisdom in volunteering, but offering to work with and learn from someone already skilled in these in demand technologies is a wise investment of time.
  5. Online and distance learning.  If you’re working but feel that you need to add new skills to your arsenal to be able to pursue future positions, consider an online education. Many distance learning courses and even degree programs are very reputable and make it easy to manage your time.
  6. Determine transferable skills. Often, hiring managers become overwhelmed with the number of candidates who apply for jobs but are not qualified. You may not have done exactly what the company is looking for but you can draw parallels between it and your experience. Your job is to market your skills in a way that will make them interested in contacting you. Review the job description and determine the best way to match your previous experience with the requirements.

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