Here’s What Our Associates Can Expect From Us



It’s always good to remember the ultimate reason we’re able to provide the service we do – our associates in the field. Without the people who come to us looking for employment, the individuals who make us look good by showing up every day and working hard at our clients, we wouldn’t be in business at all.

If you’re one of those people and you’re reading this, or if you think you may want to use our services someday, this is for you, a written testimony of what each and every applicant should expect from us and every other staffing agency you choose to do business with. There’s no doubt that we’ll fall short sometimes (nobody, and certainly no business, is perfect!), but our ultimate goal should be to provide the very best in customer service to not just our clients, but our applicants as well. 

A Letter To Our Applicants And Associates

Of all the staffing agencies you could have done business with, we are humbled and grateful that you chose ours. We promise to always strive to prove worthy of your confidence in us. From the moment you first make contact, whether through our internet job listings, our website, email, telephone, or in person at a job fair or one of our locations, we want your experience to reflect the very real fact that we are truly honored that you chose us to help you with one of the most important yet difficult life decisions out there, finding gainful employment.

Whatever we put our hand to, work is a noble thing. Work builds, creates, and maintains the civilization which allows us to raise the next generation and the one after that. There is dignity and honor in it, and we fully understand that, while in today’s world avoiding work is easier than it has ever been, you have chosen the more difficult yet far more rewarding path. Thus, we are constantly inspired and uplifted by you and others like you. That is why we take OUR work, that of finding qualified candidates for our clients, very seriously.

We can’t promise that we will find the perfect job for you, but we will certainly do our very best. And when we can’t, we’ll try out best to offer some career advice to point you in the right direction. Even if you won’t be working with us, we recognize that you still need to work somewhere!

We are always striving to make our application process easy, accessible, and reasonably short. We don’t want to waste your time, but we do need to get enough information from you to make an educated decision about whether your experience, skills, and qualifications might be a good fit for our clients.

If you are scheduled to interview personally with one of our staffers, rest assured that you will be welcomed with a smiling face and treated with the upmost respect and consideration. We won’t grill you, but we will try to get to know you. We fully recognize that without you and others like you, we wouldn’t be in businesses.

If you are offered an assignment, know that our staffers have fully vetted that position and will be able to tell you everything you need to know, from duties to dress code, schedules, breaks, work environment and even company culture. Know that we have been to the work site and have taken reasonable steps to ensure it is a safe one. We have viewed our clients’ OSHA logs and know they consider safety as important as we do. Finally, we aren’t successful unless you are, and if we didn’t think you would be absolutely awesome at our client we wouldn’t make the job offer in the first place.

From the initial application to the orientation process and even to the time you spend working at our client, we are there for you and will do anything we can to ensure your success. Our desire is to build such a lasting relationship with you, our valued associate, that you’ll want to send us friends and family who will do just as good a job at our clients as you do!

A version of this post appeared on Staffing Talk.