Kingsport Branch Manager Samantha Gray Reps Luttrell Staffing On Good Day Tri-Cities

Kingsport Luttrell Staffing Branch Manager and well known area blues artist Samantha Gray made a series of summer appearances representing Luttrell Staffing Group on WKPT TV’s Good Day Tri-Cities with co-hosts Morgan King and Whitney Carr. As a part of our company’s sponsorship of the program’s “Guest Host For a Day” contest, Samantha not only did several 5-minute segments with the hosts, our Kingsport office was also the beneficiary of a visit from co-host Morgan King, who came to “investigate” our application process.

The first segment aired June 22, 2016, and featured Samantha discussing Luttrell Staffing at a round table with the co-hosts.

The second segment aired June 29, 2016 with co-host Morgan King visiting our Kingsport office and learning about our application process.

In the third segment, Samantha describes several of our local job opportunities, including Mid Mountain Foods and the Kingsport Aquatic Center. This segment aired July 6, 2016.

In the fourth segment, which aired July 20, 2016, Morgan again talked all things Luttrell Staffing with Samantha.

To wrap it all up, Samantha appeared on Friday, July 15, to help announce the contest winners!