Avoid These Job Search Mistakes Made By Single Parents

Single parenthood offers unique rewards, but it can also pose unique challenges for your job search. The stress of balancing parenthood and a job search can definitely feel overwhelming! Highlighting your skills and accomplishments is essential to landing your next job.

Don’t let mistakes cost you your next job.

If you’re a single parent, ensure you present yourself in the best light by focusing your interview on your career accomplishments and skills. Avoid these three mistakes during your search:

  1. Don’t mention your kids in the interview. Of course we understand that your children are an integral part of your life, and it’s understandable that you would want to talk about them. That information; however, is considered protected information by the United States government, and it is against the law for potential employers to ask you about them. Why is that information protected? Because some employers discriminated against professionals who had children, basing hiring decisions on that fact. The government took steps to prevent employers from asking you about this information, so it’s best to avoid the topic altogether. The unfortunate reality is that some employers will still try to get this information and use it against you in the hiring process. Your parental status has no bearing on your skills and qualifications, so leave it from the interview entirely.
  2. Don’t talk about your marital status, or your “ex.” In the same vein as #1, be sure not to discuss any type of significant other in your interview. Marital status is also protected information, and you should focus the interview on your accomplishments and strengths. The presence of an “ex” could give employers cause to believe you have excess personal baggage that could interfere with your job (rightfully or not – this has no bearing on your qualifications!). Some interviewers can create an atmosphere of personal conversation in an interview, and this information could easily “slip out.” Be professional and on guard at all times, so you can present yourself in the best light.
  3. Don’t apply for jobs that are unrealistic.  Do you ever feel like you’re being pulled in a million directions? Many parents do! If you see a job opportunity where you know you won’t realistically be able to work the days and hours required, don’t apply. It’s unfair to the employer, and it’s a waste of everyone’s time.

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