When One Door Closes…

Looking for a new career can be challenging, especially when you have only ever worked for yourself. Jesse Leichtenberg was a self-employed contractor for fifteen years, whose routine duties involved framing, roofing, flooring, and building homes. When the pandemic struck, the price of lumber and materials skyrocketed which severely impacted Jesse’s business, leading to its unfortunate closure.

Leichtenberg sought out our Duffield, Virginia branch in January 2023 for a new opportunity. Fortunately, we were able to place Jesse with one of our partners in the area, Rogers Foam Corporation- an organization that has grown over the years to be one of the largest U.S. based foam fabricators! With an extensive background and experience in construction, welding, and plumbing, Jesse was promoted to a maintenance position within his first month at the facility.

Jesse was hired full-time in March 2023 in Facilities Maintenance and is now responsible for upkeep of the building and machinery. Having 20 years’ experience in residential building along with a dose trade school education was exactly the type of background Rogers Foam Corporation was looking for. Jesse’s new career gives him time to pursue hobbies such as playing guitar, hiking, and going to the gym. “I am grateful to the Duffield Team for their assistance,” he tells us. “I appreciate the team’s efforts to stay in touch with me.”

Jesse’s story is one to show how the impact of making people matter most is engrained in all that we do. Every assignment has the potential to become a lasting career and that possibility is the motivation behind Luttrell Staffing Group’s mission.