Rise in US Manufacturing Jobs

The Washington Post has indicated in recent months that US manufacturing jobs have been steadily increasing since 2009. We are once again becoming competitive in the world market along with manufacturing giants such as Germany, Japan, and China. The trend toward outsourcing jobs overseas is beginning to reverse and jobs are returning to the manufacturing sector here in the United Sates. Here are several examples of potential markets where manufacturing jobs will see improvement.

  • Green Energy. “Green” has been a buzzword for several years in the industry. In spite of often being overused, the concept holds a lot of potential to increase jobs here in the United States. As we look to be more competitive in the world market, sustainable technologies will need to be perfected and produced. Companies willing to embrace this progress will be able to offer more jobs to America’s already skilled manufacturing labor force.
  • “Reshoring” jobs. Just as “offshoring” and “outsourcing” were big words in years past, many industries are joining the movement to bring jobs back to the US. The biggest obstacle to this process is the wage disparity between the US and other nations such as China. This might mean that some of the manufacturing jobs won’t pay as much as they once did, but when companies bring jobs back to the US employment prospects will increase overall.
  • Embracing innovation. The International Data Corporation has spent time studying manufacturing in the US and has analyzed several things that will make the industry more efficient in the near future. These include altering the way production is met by responding only to demand rather than capacity. Embracing technology and training employees to use it properly will make those companies more competitive in the market.
  • Southern Relocation. Many manufacturing companies are leaving the rust belt for southern states which will mean increased opportunities in and around Tennessee and Virginia. Companies producing solar energy are already relocating to the area to establish manufacturing facilities. Southern states are making the prospects for manufacturing companies very attractive if they pick those regions to set up shop.

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