Build Powerfully Successful Work Teams

The success of most projects depends on how well individuals can work together. This is why it can be overwhelming to put together a team for your business. You may never know until you have the group together who is going to get along with whom and what combinations of skills complement each other.  There are a few things to keep in mind when you are considering hiring a team for your next project.

  • Everyone must be on the same page. When you are building a team, you need to ensure that the mission statement is the top priority among everyone involved. Make sure that individuals are not straying from the total plan to pursue their own goals. You’ll need to demand that the overall mission the most important part of the project.
  • Build Trust. Team members must feel comfortable contributing to the project as a whole and not be afraid to take risks in communication.  Individuals must be able communicate the ideas they believe will benefit the team as a whole. There isn’t a way to guarantee that individuals won’t disagree, so don’t make it a punishable offense.  Create an atmosphere where everyone can come together to speak about a topic to create a consensus or, at the very least, a majority vote.
  • Make it desirable to be a part of the group. Create an environment where everyone on the team feels invested in making the entire project a positive experience.  Develop incentives that can only be achieved if everyone works together to complete the project successfully.
  • Engage outside consultants. To best facilitate team work within the project, sometimes it is best to have any critiques come from an outside source so individuals don’t turn on one another in the course of business. There are many individuals trained in this process who can help your team work together.
  • Hire the right people to begin with. If the majority of the team believes that any one individual is not holding up their end of the bargain, morale will begin to disintegrate. When adding members to the team, make sure that the overall skills complement each other and that everyone is willing to do their fair share of the project.
  • Develop social outlets for your team members. Sometimes, the teams that work best together are the teams that feel comfortable enough to engage in social activities together. This doesn’t have to mean weekly trips to a local watering hole, but perhaps a lunch once a month or a barbeque or holiday party each quarter.  Allow the team members to provide input for these activities to give them a creative outlet as well.

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