Questions to Ask Yourself About Your New Job Offer

The interviewing process can be terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time, but it only ends one of two ways. We tend to harden ourselves against the “rejection” outcome, but when it comes to an offer things become even more confusing.  What did we really want when we started looking? Was it really about job development or were we just reacting to the environment or politics of our current company? Once you’ve gone down the interviewing rabbit hole and received an offer, there are some pretty big decisions to be made. Here are three questions to consider when you’ve been offered a new job.

  1. Does this position provide advancement?
    Self-improvement should be at the top of your list when considering a new job. It is easy to fall back on what you know and take a similar job at a new company hoping for a different outcome. This rarely solves the underlying problem. If your problem is boredom you really need to challenge yourself again. If the new job is a lateral move, consider the alternatives at your current company. Don’t just job hop because you’re restless. Really evaluate if this new position is going to provide you with career development before quitting the one you have.
  2. How does this position fit in with your personal life?
    If you are accepting a position with more responsibility, a significant promotion, or new job title what can that mean for your work/life balance?  If you are moving in to management are you comfortable working hours that extend past the typical workday? Are you okay being called when you’re on vacation or just relaxing over the weekend? Have you been a manager before and are you comfortable being responsible for a team now? The changes may have less to do with responsibility and more to do with money. If it pays less than what you make now will you be able to keep up with your bills?
  3. What does this mean long term?
    You’ve evaluated everything about the position and have determined that it does provide your growth and fits in well with your lifestyle. Now what? The immediate gratification of accepting a new job doesn’t help us understand where we will be five or ten years from now. Will this new position eventually lead you to the next level your career? If the position can’t take you where you want to go, it might not be the right ultimate fit.

Considering your next job offer? Luttrell Staffing Group Services can work with you to understand all the aspects of the interviewing process.