How Social Medial Has Changed the Job Search

At one time, the best way to find a new job was to submit your resume to ads in the newspaper. Today, the average job seekers has more options available. Social media has changed the way employers are looking for candidates and that means job seekers need to change the way they search for a job. Here are 5 ways that social media has changed the job search.

  1.  It has expanded your network.
    Six degrees of separation is the concept that everyone on the planet is only six people away from knowing everyone else on the planet. Social media has made this gap even smaller. Your friends know people and your friends’ friends know people. The more connections you make in social media the more opportunities you will be exposed to. Don’t abuse your connections, but pay attention to the people in your extended networks.
  2. You can create your own opportunities.
    Social media means that everyone can have an audience. When you blog or tweet about subjects in which you are an expert, you will begin to build a following who will want to read what you have to say. You never know who will be reading this, so be sure to maintain your professionalism. There is a strong likelihood that you will attract employers looking for candidates who are proficient in your skills.
  3. Employers can find talent before they know they’re looking.
    Creating social media audiences means that you are always displaying your expertise to potential employers. A company might not know they were looking for someone with exactly your voice, but by seeing how you write they may realize they need someone like you on their team. Embrace this. Always write in a way to attract people to your talents.
  4. Employers can vet new employees.
    Social media is accessible by everyone so be sure you are conscientious about what it is you display publicly. More and more employers are seeking out information on social media to decide if a new employee is right for their company. There are varying legal opinions on this practice but until it is determined what is appropriate, a job seeker should always be cautious about what is posted on their public profiles.
  5. Hiring has moved away from job board to social media. Since the recession began, employers started to gravitate away from the big job boards like Monster or CareerBuilder toward free social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to tap into potential employees. Recruiting and hiring has become more personal. Companies are more comfortable hiring someone they know or someone from their extended networks than to hire a stranger from an anonymous website. If you’re not available on social media site you may miss out on opportunities.

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