Manufacturing Jobs Are In High Demand

Recently Hyundai began recruiting for general manufacturing jobs in Montgomery, Alabama. Even though the application deadline was not until June 2, 2012 the applications were so overwhelming that they stopped accepting them in mid-May. The Hyundai Human Resources department received over 20,000 applications for fewer than 900 jobs. While new manufacturing jobs are on the rise, there is still a disparity between the number of positions available and seekers. Here are several things you can look for in the market to help you get started.

  • Recovery in Auto Sales.
    Since the recession ended in 2009 people are becoming a little more confident with their buying habits. While new cars were not a priority as people were tightening their overall spending, they are starting to sell again. Keep an eye on the auto industry and any related manufacturing.
  • Safety requirements.
    OSHA and related organizations are always improving their processes and this makes the need for safety managers and experts imperative for any manufacturing organization. Take a few classes and get certified to improve your marketability.
  • Close your skill gaps.
    If you find out that a major manufacturer is coming to your area and will be hiring within the next year or so, research what the company does and what types of people they are likely to employ. If you are missing any of the skills that the company utilizes you may choose to go back to school or accept an apprenticeship.
  • Temporary employment.
    While you’re waiting for the manufacturing jobs to open in your area, contact local staffing companies. Many manufacturing companies will augment their own staff with these services. If you are already employed by the agency and performing well they will work hard to get you a job at the new facility. It will make them look good to provide a stellar and trustworthy employee.
  • Relocate to increase your odds.
    Many manufacturers are moving to the south and if you can, you should move with them. Pay attention to the trends and see where companies are planning to set up shop. Network with individuals and staffing services in that area to find out your prospects.

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