The Talent Gap in the Manufacturing World

A shortage of skilled workers is greatly affecting manufacturing in many developed nations including the United States. Developing nations are also experiencing their own type of shortage, and both of these issues mean that manufacturing will suffer if a solution is not determined. This shortage is causing problems not only in the production arena but also with innovation; something that is necessary for the US to maintain a top spot in world manufacturing. Here are several ways you can use this issue to your advantage by becoming the kind of candidate companies are searching for.

  • Take advantage of training programs. Many companies are beginning to work with educational institutions to help even the gap. Options include programs developed by the National Association of Manufacturers to provide a certification program. Check your local community colleges or continuing education providers to see what is available in your area.
  • Overcoming the image. Many people are steered away from manufacturing in favor of something considered more lucrative or respectable. In reality these blue collar jobs provide steady employment, a sense of achievement, and skills that will be transferable along the way. Many people who rejected manufacturing positions in their past are reconsidering today.
  • Involve yourself in innovation. When you assist a company or individual in enhancing technology or creating a new product you have that information available for your resume. This will help you when you are searching for a new manufacturing position. Get involved in community projects, internships, or apprenticeships to work on new skills and products for your future.
  • Utilize social media. There are many manufacturing companies that are still stuck in the pre-internet era. The ones that aren’t will be the future of the industry. When looking for a new opportunity, search everything from Twitter to YouTube to see who is in your area teaching manufacturing skills or looking for new talent.
  • Consider machining. Manufacturing companies in the US indicate that machinists skilled in operating mills, lathes, and other tools for cutting are in the highest demand. If you possess these skills your marketability will soar. Search in your area to determine where you might be able to learn CNC or other machining skills.

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