Why Temporary Work Is Worth It!

There are many reasons people consider temporary employment. You could be between jobs or you might want to make some extra money while you build your own business. You may even crave the flexibility that comes with being able to accept only the jobs you want and travel or enjoy hobbies when you’re not working. “Temping” has long had a negative reputation for largely unfair reasons. Here are several positive reasons why you should consider temporary employment.

  • Companies still aren’t hiring full time employees. While the recession is technically over, American companies are still operating in a lean and mean fashion to save as much money as they can. Occasionally they have a project that their permanent staff can’t complete. This is where you come in. When businesses bring in temporary staff it helps their bottom line by increasing production without increasing headcount and it improves the overall economic recovery. The managers will no longer need to feel that dread of having to lay off a recently hired permanent employee and the temporary worker will understand the scope of the project.
  • A way to make a career transition. Many workers were forced to take early retirement or unable to find a new position in the same industry after a lay off. These employees are bright and extremely talented, so their skills shouldn’t go to waste. Companies understand this and while they may be unable to add permanent employees to their rosters they can engage top candidates on a temporary basis. This is a great way to explore new jobs and industries you had not previously considered.
  • Keeps you engaged. The job search is a difficult process that at times can feel utterly draining. If you have a reason to get up in the morning and go through the routine, even just for a day or two, it can energize you enough to keep up the momentum.
  • Networking. You simply never know who you are going to meet on an assignment. A short term position could certainly turn into a long term position. Keep your options open and meet as many new people as you can. Don’t feel entitled to a permanent position but handle each assignment like you would handle a full time job.
  • Update your resume. If you have been in the job hunt for a while your resume is beginning to get stale. Employers don’t want to see dates that stopped a year or more ago. If you are able to add temporary projects to the top of the list things stay fresh. And, don’t forget this is also a good way to keep your skills sharp and active.

Looking to stay active with some temporary projects? Contact Luttrell Staffing Group for service that is committed to exceeding expectations, and providing you with the perfect employment opportunity.