Practical Tips for Keeping Industrial Employees Motivated in the Summer

The oppressive heat this summer is enough to drive everyone indoors to sit lazily by the air conditioner and sip cold beverages. Manufacturing companies don’t have that luxury; production needs to continue regardless of the outdoor temperature. This means managers have a big job trying to keep industrial employees motivated while they work hard during the hot summer months. Here are several real life ways to keep the activity levels up this summer.

  • Offer Summer Hours. If your production can handle it, offer everyone an option to work four 10-hour days or similar. You will find they are more engaged when they return from a long weekend or an extra Wednesday off.
  • Have a cookout. You need to encourage your employees to take breaks in the summer heat. One way to do this is by offering a cookout on a sunny summer day. Bring in barbeque or organize a potluck. This gives everyone a chance to be relaxed and social before returning to their duties.
  • Community involvement. Create a way for the employees to get involved with the community during the summer. Organize a fundraiser for a local charity or encourage volunteering. Being able to get out and do something for others can help get the adrenaline going. Your employees will feel like they are making a real difference.
  • Reward with “Comp Time.” No matter how much you try to motivate employees to work harder during the summer, they are only thinking of one thing: not being at work. Give in to this and use it as a reward. Set goals, and when those goals are reached, give them an afternoon off or allow them to come in late one day. Stagger this among the employees so production doesn’t suffer.
  • Utilize down time.  Many businesses slow down during the summer months. Use this time to finish some projects that have been neglected during the busiest seasons. This change of pace will be welcomed by your employees.

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