Does Your Criminal Background Check Policy Protect You?

  Do you conduct criminal background checks for your job candidates? If so, while you’re in line with about two-thirds of U.S. organizations, your policies regarding this issue could come under scrutiny. That’s what happened to Apple recently, whose refusal to employ felons in the construction of its new $5 billion headquarters has come under some… Read more »

Why Manufacturing Employers are Hiring Now!

Toward the end of 2013 it was predicted that manufacturing companies would be trying to fill over 230,000 new jobs in 2014. It is also believed that this number will continue to grow over the next few years. Why is the hiring in American manufacturing so urgent right now? Here are a few of the… Read more »

25 Lies We’ve Gotten Really Good At Spotting

Most new staffers, especially if they’ve never been in any kind of hiring/recruiting related field, begin their duties harboring only the loftiest assumptions about their fellow man. Since we all know a friend in need is a friend indeed, the new staffer receives calls and visits from ‘friends’ all day, friends in need of what… Read more »

The Life of a Staffing Professional

(This article first appeared on There are probably lots of more difficult, more stressful, and more thankless jobs, but one thing’s for sure – there’s no job on the planet quite like staffing. It’s hard enough to meet and exceed the expectations of one set of customers, something every for-profit company is required to… Read more »

Can Veterans Help Improve the Manufacturing Skills Gap?

There are two major problems facing the American workforce. One is the so-called “skills gap” where employers are unable to find experienced individuals for their open positions. The other is the high unemployment rates for veterans. Since September 11th, 2010 the unemployment rate for recent veterans has been steady at around 10%. This is higher… Read more »

The Widening Gender Gap in Manufacturing

There has been so much talk in professional circles of the gender gap when it comes to industries such as engineering and computer science. However, one segment of American industry that goes largely unexamined in terms of women in the workplace is manufacturing. Battling against strongly held but outdated beliefs, women are entering the manufacturing… Read more »

Where is Artisanal Manufacturing Going?

While the word “artisanal” is more commonly seen referring to cheese or bread it can be used for many other applications. A movement for artisanal manufacturing is happening right here in the United States. A lot has changed since the 1950s where manufacturing dominated American business. Today, many companies are choosing to outsource their production… Read more »

OSHA Safety Suggestions that Could Affect Your Business

Your industrial environment should already be OSHA compliant, but what about your temporary employees? If you make use of a staffing service it is likely to supplement your current hiring needs and reduce costs. The temporary staffing company is responsible for their worker’s safety in an industrial setting but is at a disadvantage because they… Read more »

4 Incentives for Temporary Workers

Temporary employees often see their permanent counterparts benefiting from employer incentives. It can be frustrating when you know you are working a three month assignment and won’t receive the same opportunities as others in your department. As much as individuals understand the different circumstances it is merely human nature to feel denied in these situations…. Read more »