Facing the Aging Infrastructure in the US

US Manufacturers are going to be facing increased costs if investments aren’t made in new technologies to update the US infrastructure. Power outages resulting from aging equipment in our grid have become a common situation throughout the country. Not only does this affect individuals but it also affects the ability of manufacturing companies to run… Read more »

Do You Have an Energy Management Strategy?

Many companies are implementing energy management strategies as the economy is continuing to remain uncertain. According to a recent survey by Deloitte 90% of the companies asked have applied a strategy of this nature. These energy management goals cover electricity, natural gas and other natural resources. How can your company be competitive when it comes… Read more »

Manufacturing leaders turned into Strategists

The book The Strategist by Harvard professor Cynthia Montgomery came out in May of 2012 and provides insight about leadership and its close connection to strategy. Montgomery discusses how strategy should be a continuous journey which can really set one company apart from its competitors. Here are some of the issues discussed in her book… Read more »

Improving Risks Taken on Your Supply Chain

There are a lot of potential risks in a manufacturing environment. Safety measures have to be taken and enforced to keep employees from injuring themselves or others. Another place where risk can be an issue is with your supply chain. This is not the same kind of risk of bodily harm but rather a risk… Read more »

Inquiry Techniques to Increase Sales

Sales aren’t always at the top of mind for the owner or manager of a manufacturing company. However, as we continue to recover from some economically trying times many facilities are looking at ways to bring in new customers. Without hiring a top sales team, what are some the best ways to get new business?… Read more »

Ways to Train Your Manufacturing Workforce

Training your workforce to understand your specific requirements and procedures is a necessary part of doing business, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. Most people learn better with a more hands-on approach to education rather than a classroom setting. Here are some fun ways to train your manufacturing employees. Visual cues. Many individuals learn… Read more »

Taking a look at your Risk Management Strategy in a Slow Economy

While businesses are experiencing economic uncertainty there are some things that can be done to develop a risk management strategy.  Many professionals suggest a proactive approach to keep you from taking each quarter as it comes and possibly losing money. Manufacturing facilities need to take steps now to control costs and try to avoid unforeseen… Read more »

Adding Social Technology to Your Supply Chain. Is it Possible?

More people use social media today than ever before. You can’t walk down the street without seeing people with their faces peering down at the device in their hands. Many industries are taking advantage of the new sites and technologies in their businesses as well. What about businesses in the production industry? Is it possible… Read more »

Moving to the Cloud in Manufacturing

“The Cloud.” You can’t even turn on the television without hearing a commercial for Apple or any other Smart Phone without hearing this phrase. But what exactly does it mean? According to Manufacturing.net, a leading source for manufacturing news and insight, the cloud is still very much a work in progress. But what is it,… Read more »

Improving Your Manufacturing Brand

The 21st century market is quite different than that of generations before us. In order to reach customers of today and tomorrow businesses need to look into the newest ways to sell products. “Made in America” has become a political rallying cry rather than the status quo. As globalization takes hold and other countries compete… Read more »