Lean vs. Six Sigma: The Demand for Talent

There are many options for a manufacturing management system to implement in your facility. Two of the most popular are Six Sigma and Lean. While Lean has been more popular over the last few years, Six Sigma is gaining ground again. Here is a look at the two systems and why the demand for talent is increasing for both.

  • Six Sigma History. The premise of Six Sigma, which was developed by Motorola in the 1980s, is to reduce errors and increase productivity. The concept employs several levels of experts within the organization who have experience with the specific methods and how to implement them. The idea is to have a clear focus on the financial achievements from any project, an emphasis on strong management, and commitments to making the best decisions based on research rather than assumptions.
  • Lean History. Lean, on the other hand, was developed by Toyota in the 1990s and takes a similar but different approach to manufacturing. The main focus is to maintain the value of your product by working smarter. There is a very strong concentration on reducing unnecessary waste as part of the manufacturing process.  Not only does this management system focus on the leadership but also on the respect for employees. It is believed that if employees are valued it will be reflected in their work.
  • Demand for Six Sigma Talent on the Rise. According to the Avery Point Group talent demand study this past year, the demand for individuals who have experience with Six Sigma management techniques are on the rise, taking over Lead manufacturing in facilities across the US. There has been some overlap for these two management styles, but more companies are refocusing on the Six Sigma concepts.
  • How to Hire Experts. Preparing for Six Sigma or Lean in your manufacturing environment might require the assistance of consultants in this management field. Working with an outside source may be beneficial because of their lack of internal bias. Consider working with a contractor for your Lean or Six Sigma management system. You can discuss this possibility with your local manufacturing staffing provider.

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