Breaking the Rules on Employee Compensation

A recent trend among businesses throughout the US is a concept called “unlimited vacations.” It recognizes that people function best when well rested. These organizations are taking advantage of the innovation that is created by individuals who have had ample time off to rest, relax, and recharge. Is this something that can be used within the manufacturing community? Can adding “unlimited vacations” to your employee compensation packages provide benefits to your overall production? Here are several ideas that can help you put a program like this in place.

  1. Beta test with volunteers. A sweeping policy change like this doesn’t need to be rolled out all at once. Ask for volunteers to help beta test the program. Tell them that they are able to take additional time off with the understanding that they will be called upon when extended hours are needed to meet the requirements of certain clients.
  2. Don’t make flex time a reward. A flexible schedule and additional vacation days should not be seen as a reward for good work. Shift your thought process to understand that it is actually the tool that allows exceptional work to be completed. Reward the employees that go above and beyond with additional recognition.
  3. Challenge your employees to a contest. You can split your workforce up into teams each with a similar project to complete. Assign a supervisor to track the productivity of the group and the success of the processes. Establish a timeline for the work to be completed. The team that completes the work first and is able to take the rest of the allotted time as vacation is the winner.
  4. Curb abuse of the system. “Unlimited vacation” only works if it is treated the same by each employee. It will be easy to spot individuals who are choosing to take advantage of the situation. Be sure to track accomplishments and don’t allow this benefit to anyone who is unable to meet production goals.

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