Having a Great Recognition Program

After some ups and downs in the manufacturing sector businesses are looking for more ways to increase employee engagement on the job. Employee retention is more important than ever and companies need to develop ways to encourage employees to perform at a high level. Here are some ideas for creating a great recognition program in your facility.

  • Learn about your team. Each individual on your production floor will have different motivators. Get to know everyone. Find out if they are shy or social. What kinds of rewards do they like to receive? Once you get to know your team you can develop a program that fits their personalities.
  • Consistency. Check in with your employees regularly. If there are mistakes, be sure to correct them as soon as you discover them. Then follow up with a reward for the improved process. Create a schedule for checking in and presenting incentives for your staff. They will know that their hard work is recognized.
  • Creative incentives. Bonuses and raises are great but to make your employees loyal to your organization you should surprise them with rewards they may not be expecting. Offer additional days off for excellent work. Plan an event for everyone to enjoy time away from the office. Find out what people love to do and figure out how to enable that.
  • Reward at every level. Don’t just recognize individuals for their singular successes. Keeping track of your top performers and rewarding them each time they reach a new level of success provides additional reinforcement. If there is always another goal to aim for, your excellent employees will continue to reach for the next level.
  • Demonstrate your company values. Rewards and recognition shouldn’t be something you do because of obligation. Tie your incentives into your corporate identity. This will have an equal effect on making employees and management happy as well as passing that satisfaction on to the customer.

Are you looking for ways to provide rewards and incentives to your warehouse and industrial employees? For more ideas and ways we can help with employee management, contact Luttrell Staffing Group Services today!