Why Manufacturing Employers are Hiring Now!

Toward the end of 2013 it was predicted that manufacturing companies would be trying to fill over 230,000 new jobs in 2014. It is also believed that this number will continue to grow over the next few years. Why is the hiring in American manufacturing so urgent right now? Here are a few of the reasons and what companies can do about it.

  • Retirement of workers. 80% of the manufacturing workforce is between 45 and 65 years old. Couple this with the physically demanding nature of most manufacturing work and companies are beginning to realize that they need a new generation of employees to replace those who are leaving. The problem has been that over the last 20 years many young people have been encourage to pursue professional level jobs and that leaves a lack of potential employees for the manufacturing market.
  • The skills gap. Many experts believe that the skills gap that exists in the workplace today may have less to do with a lack of knowledge in the industry than it does the inequity of salaries. Manufacturing, especially at the lowest levels, has remained stagnant in pay rates since before the recession. However, companies are starting to realize that to get quality applicants they need to revisit their pay structures and benefits.
  • Changes in technology. New technology is completely changing the way companies are conducting business in the manufacturing marketplace. Incoming employees not only need a background in basic labor and manufacturing but also in computers to be able to work equipment that runs the vital systems of manufacturing facilities. Businesses are going to need new workers who have this experience.
  • Urgent needs through staffing providers. Regardless of the increased need for replacement workers and individuals with technical skills, the manufacturing industry will always be one that necessitates additional workers during the busiest seasons. Depending on your specific niche your ramp up could be any time of the year so developing a relationship with a local staffing agency is essential to fill these needs as soon as they arise.

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