Tennessee Works to Bring Jobs Back to US

Off-shoring and Outsourcing have been concerning to Americans for some time now. However, Tennessee and Nissan have been at the leading edge of the trend to bring jobs back to the US. The state of Tennessee has spent some time, along with several other states, working with Japanese manufacturers to return jobs to the American auto worker.  Japan was initially concerned about bringing their manufacturing style to the US without their loyal base of Japanese workers to implement it. However, the process has been very successful. Here are several ways Tennessee is leading the way in manufacturing back in the US.

  1. Automotive Manufacturing. For the third year running, Tennessee has been ranked number one in auto manufacturing. Not only has Nissan set up shop to manufacture the electric LEAF in the state but Volkswagen and GM have begun manufacturing in Tennessee as well. Many of these jobs are replacing those lost by moving manufacturing offshore.
  2. Manufacturing and Construction lead growth in the state. Information from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics show that manufacturing jobs have increased by approximately 5% since the recession began in 2009. The practice of off-shoring has been blamed as one of the reasons the US began suffering from the economic downturn. With Tennessee leading the way, the US is  beginning to gain traction.
  3. Tennessee government actively seeking business partners. Tennessee started wooing Nissan in order to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US indicating that American workers could keep up with exacting Nissan standards. The governors are several southern states are turning to Asian and European manufactures to entice them to bring their production to our country.
  4. Rural Sourcing. Some economists indicate that the next boom for manufacturing will be to access talent outside of the urban areas. Where Detroit was the boom-town for the auto industry many years ago, today areas of Tennessee are poised to take over that aspect of automobile manufacturing. The same is true for Virginia and many other southern states.

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