Resume Tips for Construction Workers

There was a time in the industry when a simple recommendation could land you your next construction gig. Today, more and more project managers are requiring resumes before selecting candidates for their job sites. Since you may not have had a chance to put a resume together before, here are some helpful tips to constructing a document that will be noticed.

  • Select the right format. You’ll hear a lot of different suggestions when it comes to resume format. Some people recommend a “chronological” resume or a “functional” resume. You need to design a resume that will showcase what you’ve done. Professionals in the construction industry suggest a combination. Begin with a detailed summary of your skills and follow that with a list of your jobs.
  • Include an objective. Many resume professionals suggest objective statements are out of date and should be eliminated from resumes, but this advice does not apply to the construction industry. The hiring manager should be able to glance at the resume and see exactly what it is that you do: carpentry, electrical, etc. Include your strongest qualifications and provide short examples.
  • Share your credentials. Mangers will want to see your certifications, licenses, and trade union information on your resume. If you have an OSHA certification, include that on your resume along with the date it was obtained. Likewise with additional credentials. This will give you an advantage over individuals without any discernible qualifications.
  • Showcase Accomplishments. Include a section on your resume that can demonstrate your successes on the job.  Make sure they are meaningful to the hiring manager and, if you can, include specifics such as cost savings or safety goals. Hiring is always a game of chance and if a manager can verify results they are more likely to take a gamble on you.
  • Be honest. More than anything else you need to be 100% truthful on your resume. The company is likely to run a background check if you are determined to be their best candidate and anything that may be inconsistent will be discovered. This applies to employment history, education, and criminal background.

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