Reduce Costs by Reducing Waste

In a market where every business feels the pinch companies are forced to cut back on spending and make their production more efficient. There are several methods a business owner can use to reduce costs but not impact the output of the business on a day to day basis. Here are several tips you can implement to cut your costs and eliminate waste.

  1. Recycling Programs. There are many byproducts of the typical manufacturing environment. There are also many organizations who will take these products; sometimes paying the company for the process. By beginning a recycling program you not only reduce the waste but you may get paid or exchange these products. You may also choose to purchase recycled items for your business.
  2. Keep contacts current. By regularly revising business information, such as your marketing list, you avoid excessive printing or mailing costs. Spend some time each year removing former clients and updating addresses or phone numbers and you will spend less sending out advertising or special offers to companies you no longer work with.
  3. Consider packaging. If your company is in the business of packaging materials to be shipped you might want to consider alternatives such as reusable containers. Provide a way for your customers to return them and reuse them. If you receive products consider repairing palates or reusing boxes. There may be ways you can repurpose these items for alternate uses.
  4. Be a positive role model. You can influence your customers’ behavior by improving your own. Be a positive influence by creating waste reducing programs in your company and encourage customers to do the same. Become a visible face of community recycling projects or environmentally friendly business practices and you can set yourself apart from competitors.
  5. Hire a consultant. There are businesses who help companies understand ways to reduce and reuse materials. There may be some initial investment but the overall results will be reduction of costs as well as a reduction of waste materials. This is another way you can pass on benefits to your consumers or to your community.

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