Construction Site Injury: Know Your Rights

Construction work is frequently dangerous. It is best to understand how to handle an accident and know your rights before an incident occurs. There are certain procedures that you and your employer must follow. Here are some important tips to keep in mind if you find yourself the victim of a construction site injury.

  • Immediate action. Regardless of the perceived severity of the injury it is important to report it and get it treated immediately. This will prevent any potential issues down the road. Follow the employer’s procedures for reporting the injury and going to the clinic or doctor recommended by the workers compensation insurance company.
  • Keep tabs on evidence. Take photos of your injury and talk to any co-workers who witnessed what happened. Keep copies of all of your medical bills. The hope is that you never have to use this information but it will be impossible to recreate weeks or months after the incident.
  • Keep your employer updated. Even if your injury doesn’t affect your ability to do your job make sure your supervisors are aware of any ongoing treatment. If you need time off during a work day for follow up appointments or therapy get the request in writing from the doctor and present it to you supervisor or human resources department in advance.
  • Specialized Lawyers. If you’ve been injured on a construction site it is a good idea to seek representation for any possible repercussions. Consulting a lawyer who specializes in workers compensation injury claims will be an important step to understanding your rights in the situation.
  • Liability. Construction work carries a large amount of risk. While it is important to adhere to the safety standards of your company you should also know that an injury should not be an opportunity to blame a careless employee. Mistakes can be made and once an injury happens the liability falls squarely upon the company.

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