Ergonomic Breaks, Rest Periods and Stretches

  Ergonomic injury risk factors include forceful movements, repetitive motions, awkward postures and lack of rest. Rest periods give the body time to recover from work; break-time exercises and stretches strengthen the body. Workers should think of themselves as industrial athletes; athletes wouldn’t participate in a sport without proper rest and warm-up, so use the… Read more »

ISSA and OSHA Alliance Warehouse Safety Tips

ISSA, the World Wide Cleaning Association, and OSHA have created an alliance to ensure workplaces in the United States are safe for all employees. Unsafe tools, hazardous materials, slips and falls, and workplace accidents are endangering our workforce every day. These injuries are also costing businesses and individuals a lot of money for medical expenses… Read more »

Construction Site Injury: Know Your Rights

Construction work is frequently dangerous. It is best to understand how to handle an accident and know your rights before an incident occurs. There are certain procedures that you and your employer must follow. Here are some important tips to keep in mind if you find yourself the victim of a construction site injury. Immediate… Read more »

What are the newest OSHA guidelines and how will they affect you?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, was recently the subject of a lawsuit resulting in new regulations for the organization. Maintaining OSHA standards is required for the safety of your business or construction site. Understanding how the ruling will affect OSHA’s inspections is important to implementing the right safety plan. Here are a… Read more »

Avoiding Legal Involvement in Worker’s Comp Claims

Worker’s Compensation was established to ensure that injured employees received proper treatment and return to work as quickly as they could. Worker’s comp is not always applied properly and occasionally situations arise where a company will find itself with legal complications from employee injuries. Here are five tips to minimizing your legal involvement in worker’s… Read more »

Safety Changes in the Construction Industry

Safety should always be a top priority for any construction site manager. Putting employees at unnecessary risk has the potential to shut down any work site. There are a few regulations that will help in determining what is proper at a construction site to keep employees safe. The regulations have been put forth by the… Read more »