ISSA and OSHA Alliance Warehouse Safety Tips

ISSA, the World Wide Cleaning Association, and OSHA have created an alliance to ensure workplaces in the United States are safe for all employees. Unsafe tools, hazardous materials, slips and falls, and workplace accidents are endangering our workforce every day. These injuries are also costing businesses and individuals a lot of money for medical expenses and worker’s compensation claims. By following these guidelines, warehouse and manufacturing facilities all across the country can ensure the safety of their employees. Here are some of the tips that the alliance recommends.

  1. Increased forklift safety. The improper use and maintenance of forklifts and similar industrial vehicles can cause serious injuries. OSHA requires that all employees working on or around forklifts are trained in proper operation and safety procedures. Employers are also required to evaluate all employees who have gone through the training process to ensure they understand the principles from instruction. Facilities must also maintain these vehicles based on the requirements set forth by OSHA. Only allow authorized personnel to drive forklifts and maintain safety standards.
  2. Materials handling and lifting. Back injuries have become one of the most expensive medical issues of today’s workplace. OSHA requires that facilities do everything within their power to prevent these injuries from occurring. Employees should be trained on proper material handling techniques and provided harnesses or other safety gear to avoid injury. Also, employees must be instructed to find help if an object is too heavy to lift. Employees need to be instructed not to lift with their backs, swivel while carrying a heavy object, or attempting to walk up or down stairs while burdened.
  3. Avoiding slips or falls. The cost of slips or falls on the job can add up in terms of medical bills or worker’s compensation. To avoid accidents of this nature makes sure that areas area always clean and orderly. Keep floors clean, dry, and free of any debris that can cause an accident. Train your employees on these procedures. Follow OSHA guidelines for stair safety. Use non-slip floor mats where necessary. Also, be aware of hazards and learn to identify and rectify them as necessary. Your employees should also have the ability to clean up a hazard or report it. While these concerns focus mainly on warehouse environments, offices need to be aware of safety as well.

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