Why are we the best of the best?



You might wonder why we’re making such a big deal of this Inavero ‘Best of Staffing’ Award. Isn’t it just another ‘random’ award, kind of like some music award show they seemingly have every other month, except not as prestigious because it’s, well, staffing, right? Not exactly. You see, the Inavero award is the gold standard for our industry. Every year they partner with the ASA (American Staffing Association) and Careerbuilder to analyze over 500,000 staffing client and talent experiences to find out just who, regardless of size, is the best of the best at client service.

Once we submitted our client lists to Inavero, the only other step was to wait for their research and selections. Inavero actually contacts and surveys staffing firm clients to measure their satisfaction on a variety of levels, eventually coming up with a ‘Net Promoter Score’ for each applicant agency.

Well, the surveys are in and they overwhelmingly prove we ARE the ‘best of the best,’ and we aren’t going to shy away from bragging (just a bit) about it! With an amazingly high score (74.8% compared to an industry average 8%), we were chosen to receive the award for the second straight year. In fact, when clients were asked if they would recommend our firm to a friend or colleague, 82.3% of those surveyed (compare that to the industry average of 35%) said yes!

So, you might ask, we know you’re awesome and all that, but why? What makes you stand head and shoulders above your competition when it comes to delivering unparalleled customer service? Glad you asked! We’ve been pondering on it ourselves and, although we’ll admit we’re far from perfect and we obviously make plenty of mistakes, we’ve come up with a few key factors that really differentiate our firm from all the other agencies out there. There are certainly more, but they all start with these.

1.) Staff longevity – It’s hard to service clients correctly and efficiently if you are having constant staff turnover, and it’s hard to keep your staff if you don’t treat them well. Luttrell Staffing’s internal staff turnover is among the best in the industry, which translates to clients getting serviced by staffers who have been with us long enough to KNOW their business, inside and out.

2.) Investment in staff – The CSP (Certified Staffing Professional) designation is the American Staffing Association’s way of training and certifying staffing professionals in the legal aspects of our jobs. The training is extensive and the test is difficult, but a certified CSP is far less likely to run afoul of the law and far more likely to make informed, intelligent placements for our clients.

Not only is our staff required to maintain their CSP designation through 30 hours of continuous education every three years, but our ownership also maintains an environment of continuous education in any and all areas relating to our jobs. We attend legal seminars & motivational conferences, regularly bring in consultants and experts to share with us, and require regular workstation training on a variety of topics from staffing law updates to customer service.

3.) Focus on customer service – Every firm SAYS they are focused on customer service, but for us, customer service truly is the central paradigm of our business. We see everything through the lens of how best to service our clients. Each one is different, so rather than take a cookie cutter approach to client service, we tailor our services to fit the unique needs of each and every client.

4.) Positive moral values – Following the top-down example of our company’s Christian ownership, positive moral values aren’t just something we say, it’s something we live, every single day. It’s more important to have integrity, as individuals and as a company, than it is to be successful. Needless to say, this belief has led to more than our fair share of success.