How Would You Like To Get Fired … By A Robot?

How would you like to get fired … by a robot? If you work at Amazon and aren’t “productive” enough, it could happen! According to an April report from Business Insider, the online retail giant terminated more than 300 employees over a year-long span at its Baltimore facility. But instead of a supervisor sitting down… Read more »

Four Reasons Why it’s Great to be a ‘Temp’

We get it. When you were growing up and thinking about what you’d spend your working life pursuing, being a ‘temp’ probably wasn’t what you had in mind. Even the word itself can invoke negative thoughts – temporary, disposable, unappreciated, underpaid, you name it. And while staffing agencies (don’t call us a ‘temp’ agency!) have… Read more »

Free Trade, Trump, And The Decline of American Manufacturing

    In 1999, when I first started in the staffing industry, our branch’s largest client was a local bathing suit manufacturer and processing center. They had two plants in the area – one to sew the product and another to tag and package it for distribution to various retail outlets. Although there were definitely… Read more »

Helicopter Parent Hovers In To “Rescue” Fired Son

  Even though I’m in a “corporate” role now and am no longer directly involved in the nuts and bolts of staffing, since my office is located just across the building from my former Branch Manager office I often get to hear my replacement tell me the same sort of delightful staffing stories that I… Read more »

Seven Habits of Successful Staffing Agencies

    Generally, only the best survive long-term in staffing, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a LOT of staffing agencies. It seems like everybody these days thinks they can open up a staffing business with a 401K withdrawal, a cell phone and a prayer. Just hang a sign, start knocking on doors, and rake… Read more »