Four Reasons Why it’s Great to be a ‘Temp’

We get it. When you were growing up and thinking about what you’d spend your working life pursuing, being a ‘temp’ probably wasn’t what you had in mind. Even the word itself can invoke negative thoughts – temporary, disposable, unappreciated, underpaid, you name it. And while staffing agencies (don’t call us a ‘temp’ agency!) have tried to move away from the term – helloooo ‘contract employee,’ ‘talent,’ ‘associate,’ or ANY other word, really – it’s still often what your average job seeker thinks they are to us – a ‘temp.’

We certainly SAY that’s not the case, that our employees are more than just ‘temps’ to us, and it’s true. But in reality some, though not all, of our jobs are just that – temporary. Although there are plenty of reasons for using a staffing agency, one of which is economies of scale in an increasingly difficult recruiting era, if there weren’t also something for employers to gain by using us to meet labor demand fluctuations without disrupting their ‘permanent’ workforce, some wouldn’t use us at all. In other words, no matter how we slice it, a decent percentage of the jobs we offer will always be considered ‘temp.’

Given this reality, why should you as a job seeker come to us when you supposedly have so many options at your disposal? What’s in it for you? After all, if you’re just starting your career and consequently are on the lower-skilled end of the spectrum, the restaurant down the road is probably offering wages really close to if not more than our clients are offering to start. Why should you trust us with one of the most important decisions in your life – your career?

In truth, there are several reasons, all of which you should seriously consider when embarking on your journey to workplace success.

Staffing agencies allow you to try different jobs and still keep your resume clean – If you were an employer, would you look highly on a candidate with seven different jobs in the past six months? Probably not, right? Even if the candidate told you they just wanted to try different types of careers and see what fit, you’d be skeptical of their ability to stick with yours for any amount of time. But if you’re working various assignments with Luttrell Staffing, all that work experience is under one employer – Luttrell Staffing Group. And believe us, we’ll give you a good reference… if you deserve it!

Staffing agencies will go to bat for you – Let’s say you do get hired somewhere on your own. Let’s say then that you end up losing that job because it just wasn’t a good fit, or the supervisor wasn’t willing to give you time to learn, or you had a genuine family emergency and had to miss too soon. Do you think the HR Manager or supervisor who released you is going to actively help you find something else? Nope, you’ll be out on your ear and it’ll be up to you to land on your feet.

It’s not that people don’t get released from assignments with Luttrell Staffing. We do what our clients tell us to do, after all. However, we also believe in giving folks more than one chance, especially if the reason they were released doesn’t have anything to do with whether they can perform well on another job. Through our agency, thousands of people have found success on their second and even their third job assignment with us. We’ll shoot for the perfect fit the first time, of course, but we’re also realistic enough to realize that sometimes that perfect fit may be somewhere else.

Staffing agencies are a bridge to ‘permanent’ employment – Of all the reasons, this is by far the finest. Of course, there are no ‘permanent’ jobs in this world. We’re all ‘temporary’ in that regard. But you know what I mean, a full time job with benefits and an invitation to the company off-site Christmas party. When you register with Luttrell Staffing, you’re making yourself a candidate for more jobs than you possibly could apply for by yourself. Oh sure, anyone can register at Indeed and submit their resume to hundreds of ‘jobs’ every day, but the truth is a tremendous percentage of available jobs aren’t listed under the hiring company – they’re listed under staffing agencies like us because hiring companies trust us to recruit, screen, and hire quality employees. Which would you rather be, one candidate among several hundred just praying for an interview, or on your way to actually work and get paid at a ‘temp’ job somewhere where you can prove you’re a match by, well, actually performing the job? It’s like a foot in the door, except your whole body is there!

Staffing agency jobs assignments often have more ‘upside’ – Sure, that restaurant job might pay a quarter more, but unless you’re looking for a long-term career in food service or restaurant management, that’s pretty much all you’re looking at. But when it comes to getting in on the ground floor of our area’s biggest and best employers, we’ve helped more people than we can count – supervisors who started with us in the stock room, plant managers who started with us in quality control, HR managers who started with a temporary clerical assignment – you name it.

Will you be our next success story?

Whether you’re between jobs or just starting your career, why not join the millions of other job seekers who have found out that when it comes to being a ‘temp,’ there’s a lot more than meets the eye!