Why Are People Working Fake Jobs When There’s Real Work To Be Done?

    How would you like to have a fake job, selling fake products, pushing fake paperwork, and even a drawing a fake paycheck? Think I’m kidding? I wish I were. In France, the “employees” of Candelia company, an office furniture “seller,” come into work every day, process “invoices,” deal with “suppliers” and “customers,” type… Read more »

Why Would Someone With No Job Consider ANY Work “Beneath Them?”

  For decades, right or wrong, McDonald’s has been synonymous with “bottom of the barrel” employment. If you couldn’t find any other job – scraping gum off of middle school desks, picking dead animal carcasses off the road, cleaning crime scenes, shoveling rabbit dung… you name it – you could always go “work at McDonald’s.”… Read more »

What Is A Black Hat Staffing Agency?

  Do you know some of the ways “black hat” staffing agencies try to get a leg up on the competition by violating the ASA’s “Code of Ethics?” You should. Because it happens more often than you think, and impacts you and the industry. A prominent page on the American Staffing Association’s website lists a… Read more »

When will we get what we really want for Christmas?

On the evening of December 6, 2014, Jessica Chambers was found walking away from her burning vehicle, 98% of her body covered with burns, horrifically lit on fire by a still unknown assailant. As a father myself, I couldn’t begin to imagine what her father, Ben Chambers, is going through. He understandably expressed his desire… Read more »

Our Craziest Failed Drug Test Excuses

    Ah, that most dreaded of employment rites of passage, the in-house drug screen, that wonderful time when employers and future employees who barely know each other are forced through the distasteful process of getting to know each other more than they ever wanted to… EVER… (can anyone say TMI??) Most staffing agencies conduct… Read more »

An Odd Thing To Be Thankful For

I’ve never considered myself a runner. Quite the opposite, in fact. Although I enjoy several sports, all my life I’ve literally ‘ran away’ from any sport or activity that required continuous exertion, on account of the agonizingly dreadful burning in the chest that happens when the ‘out of shape’ do what seemingly just isn’t natural…. Read more »

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Side of Unemployment Benefits

  What originally began during the Great Depression as a New Deal program designed to be a temporary safety net for unemployed Americans has become an American institution and a powerful political tool wielded by politicians from both parties eager to please their constituencies, but not the least bit concerned about the business owners who… Read more »

Jobs Americans Used To Do

  The other day I had a conversation with my boss, Marty, the co-owner of the company, about the current labor market. As usual, no matter the overall economic situation, we seem to struggle to find good, qualified, willing people to fill our job orders. It’s a perplexing and frustrating problem. During our conversation, Marty… Read more »