Trade School Enrollment Spikes Leading to a Jump In Manufacturing Staffing

Are you looking for the best new talent in manufacturing today? Trade schools have been reporting significant increases in student enrollment. This is leading to a spike in employment of new high-skilled manufacturing workers once they complete their programs. Manufacturing is becoming an in-demand field once again as companies are moving their production back to the US and opening new facilities. Here are several ways you can take advantage of the trade school boom and hire the best new employees for your production.

  • Advanced Technology. Manufacturing is no longer a heavy labor job. These students are learning how to apply the newest technologies to the process and will be a benefit for any company looking to take their manufacturing processes to the next level. Take advantage of these skills to move your company forward.
  • Partner with local schools. When a student is ready to complete their program they are often offered outplacement assistance from the career center of their trade school. Contact the trade schools and work with them to help their best students find jobs after they graduate.
  • Consider knowledge over experience. With the manufacturing industry changing so fast many companies are finding that they need to trade some of the experience they have looked for in the past for someone who understands the newest trends and technologies. Many trade school students are mature and transitioning their career. Don’t automatically assume that their lack of experience in your field means they will be a less than competent employee. Trust their previous experience and their new found training and mold them into the right candidate for your company.
  • Women entering manufacturing. With the shift from heavy labor to technology oriented manufacturing, many women are enrolling in these programs to change their career paths as well. The industry is no longer saturated by heavy lifting requirements. Leading the industry in diversity will help you stand out in your community.
  • Offer apprenticeships. Another way to explore a relationship with your local trade school is to offer internships or apprenticeships for current students. This temporary labor will not only help you fill any individual needs but will help that student become more marketable upon completion. You may discover candidates you can’t live without.

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