Effective Questions to Ask an Employer During Your Interview

It is refreshing for a company to interview a candidate who comes to the table well prepared. When you want to make that great first impression at your interview there will be several questions you can ask that will impress the interviewer. Here are five questions you can ask that will make your new potential employer take notice.

  1. “What can I accomplish in the first 30 days?” You want to show the company that you are ready to work. You don’t want to spend months learning about the company or getting to know the job. You are someone who takes action. You want to show up on the first day, learn what you need to do and then start doing it.
  2. “What do all your best employees have in common?” You don’t want just any job; you want this job. And you want to understand the tools that will help you be successful in the role. You also want to find out whether or not the company’s expectations fit yours and understand how you can be a top performer.
  3. “How do you generate profit?” The right employee is an investment for the company. Your interviewer will want to hire a candidate who will ultimately help the company make money. You want to understand what types of activities generate profit for the organization and how exactly your role fits within that big picture.
  4. “Tell me about the people I’ll be working with?” You want to know that you’ll fit in with your team. A team doesn’t work effectively unless everyone is happy. What does the team do when they are not at work? Will you get along with them?
  5. “What are the plans for the future of the organization?” The right candidate will want to know where their employment will lead them. They don’t want to have to leave the job in a year or less because the company went out of business or because of other unforeseen circumstances.  Ask them their plan and long term vision. How will they deal with situations that come up in the future?

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