Voters See Manufacturing as an Economic Priority

Manufacturing is not a topic important only to employers and workers; it appears that voters in the upcoming elections are viewing the subject as an economic priority. A poll released by the Alliance for American Manufacturing earlier this year showing that many American’s believe a strategy to make the US more competitive in the global market is essential for strengthening our overall economy. Here are some of the things American voters are concerned about for the future of our country.

  • Off-shoring. Americans often refer to this as outsourcing, but the concept of sending all or a portion of an American business to be conducted outside of the country should be referred to as “Offshoring.”  The idea is that the company will save money by spending it on inexpensive labor. However, most Americans see this practice as detrimental to the US economy and one of the factors keeping people out of work in our country.
  • Trade Rules. Voters are looking for the government to take action regarding trade rules with other nations. Trade rules exist to improve the working conditions throughout the world and it is suggested that poor labor standards affect workers on every continent. Countries that experience poor working conditions are the very countries that American companies are sending their jobs. If the standards of employment are raised for all workers then each country will become more competitive.
  • Retraining. Americans are concerned with layoffs and long term unemployment leading to individuals giving up on the job market thinking they are no longer employable. By the government supporting retraining opportunities for American workers, many individuals will be able to apply their existing skills to learning new technologies and will once again be desirable by hiring companies.
  • Buy American. Many voters would like to see the government enforce policies to strongly encourage Americans to buy US made products. By promoting affordable American made options on the market, this will boost our jobs and economy.
  • Invest in American Companies. Voters are calling for the government to provide incentives for investment back into the US. These types of things may include tax breaks for manufacturing companies that chose to do business in our country and elimination of tax breaks for those who ship their jobs out of the country.

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