Challenging, but Growing: The Manufacturing Job Market

The Society for Human Resources Management has released a report indicating that manufacturing jobs are the most challenging for recruiters to fill. This means the market is open for experienced and educated individuals to acquire jobs that are otherwise going unfilled. Here are some of the challenges human resources professional are facing in the manufacturing market and what you can do to overcome them.

  • Turnover. Manufacturing jobs have a reputation for being high turnover positions, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Showcase your long term employment on your next application or resume submission so the recruiter or hiring manager knows you are serious about having a career with this company.
  • Generational Shifts. The Baby Boomers are slowly working their way out of the job market and this is leaving gaps. Many individuals in General X worked hard to stay out of manufacturing jobs as they were encouraged to get degrees in business or technology. Now it may be up to some of the best and the brightest in the millennial generation to take up some of the slack. Show the recruiter that you are serious and your attitudes toward hard work are in line with their company culture.
  • Background checks. Many industrial jobs require background checks and drug screens. Because these positions are often considered more entry level than office or management jobs there is a reputation that individuals may not be able to pass the pre-employment screenings. Feel free to share with a hiring manager that you have a clean record before you even meet them for an interview. Also, whatever you do don’t lie about your situation. That can only make matters worse in the long run.
  • Temporary hiring. Don’t shy away from working with temporary staffing companies. Even if you would rather take a full time job go ahead and accept some of the short term projects that they are able to offer. The more reliable you are for the staffing service the more opportunities they will be able to offer you.

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