Very Revealing Interview Questions

When interviewing a candidate, there are certain things that interviewers take for granted.  You certainly want to know if the individual will be “right” for the job.  The easy way is to allow for the candidates to take you step by step through their job history, but here are three questions you can ask about each job that will get you more informative answers:

  • How did you hear about that job?  Candidates often find positions through job postings or advertisements. When this sort of thing happens throughout their career it can show that they are still searching for something to latch on to. They want a job, any job. Finding candidates who heard about t jobs through referrals will give you all the information you need to know if they are a trustworthy candidate.
  • What made you interested in that job? Someone might say it was a great opportunity, or they wanted to advance their skills, or that it was the next step in their career. The right candidate will provide more details. You want to listen for descriptions of the environment and the team atmosphere. You want to hear from them why they thought they would be  a good fit for that role.
  • Why did you leave that job? There are certainly many reasons a person can leave a job. The company may have closed or the job was eliminated. Your candidate may have had to relocate due to another family member’s career. What you’re looking for is something more significant. Some candidates may describe dissatisfaction with their previous supervisor or manager or that they didn’t get along well with their coworkers.  They may have disliked the work itself. These are serious red flags. If you see a pattern of this type of behavior there is no reason to expect them to act different in your employment.

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