A Rise in the Job Market

The labor department has reported that this summer saw the highest job growth since 2008. This is good news for manufacturing and industrial job seekers as the market has opened up. The unemployment rate fell significantly in the early fall and layoffs have also dropped. How do these numbers directly affect individual job searches? Here is some practical information you can use in your hunt as we head into 2013.

  • Take advantage of skill disparity. Many employers are still indicating that they are not finding candidates with the specific skills they need. Do some research in your area and learn which skills are in demand. It is likely that many of these things are similar to your experience. You may need to take some additional training or reword your resume to showcase how your existing experience can apply to their needs.
  • 9th lowest unemployment rate in the country. Virginia’s economy is growing with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the US. Use this to your advantage. Construction and manufacturing are among the industries that still recovering in the region but this means growth for the employment market. Take an active approach to your job search and research all companies in the area. Even if they do not have current job openings, begin to network with decision makers.
  • Tennessee adding critical jobs.  Manufacturing and construction have seen significant growth in Tennessee between 2009 and 2012. This is a recovery from a decade long decline in the manufacturing industry in Tennessee. The 4% growth of manufacturing within the last 4 years means that jobs are becoming more available. Once again, place yourself in a hiring position to take advantage of this growth.
  • Temporary staffing fills employment gaps. Temporary employment has long been an indicator of job market growth. As companies are not confident enough to add permanent headcount to their workforce, they supplement with seasonal and temporary workers. Apply with staffing companies in your area that specialize in this industry and be flexible to take short and long term assignments. This may help you get a foot in the door.

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