Improving Your Manufacturing Brand

The 21st century market is quite different than that of generations before us. In order to reach customers of today and tomorrow businesses need to look into the newest ways to sell products. “Made in America” has become a political rallying cry rather than the status quo. As globalization takes hold and other countries compete for our manufacturing dollars we have to change the game right here at home. Here are some ways to improve your manufacturing brand.

  1. Manufacturing has gone high tech. Over the last decade or two schools began steering students away from skilled trades and into business. Students have been taught that manufacturing is not where they will succeed or make a lot of money. However, manufacturing has changed a great deal and companies need to hire the brightest and the best, especially when it comes to technology. Showcase what your company does and the skills you look for to attract candidates who embrace this technology.
  2. Partner with high schools.  Work with local schools to allow students to exchange credits for experience. You benefit by having access to entry level labor and they benefit by learning a trade they may be able to take with them the rest of their lives. You never know where your next labor pool can come from and some of these students may graduate and become your best assets.
  3. National Manufacturing Day, October 5th. Recently several organizations within the manufacturing sector came together to develop National Manufacturing Day. The event is designed to allow the general public to see the operations and improve their perceptions of manufacturing in the 21st century. If you visit the National Manufacturing Day website you can see ways to begin organizing next year’s event for your business.
  4. Take advantage of social media. A lot of people believe that social media is just for service based industries but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Using social media can connect you with new customers, showcase your product, establish trust and brand loyalty in your area, and drive traffic to your website which should be set up as a virtual sales person. Social media is the future of communication so everyone should take advantage of it.
  5. Online Videos. Another great use of today’s technology and information boom is to produce online videos. The manufacturing industry is the perfect venue for this because you have a specific product and specific processes to make it. Demonstrate your product or hot is it made and your doors will open to a new customer base.

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