Improving your Manufacturing Hiring Strategy

In today’s economy the disparity between available jobs and available employees is actually making it more difficult to make the best hiring decision. There are a lot of individuals out of work so how do you know which candidates are the right ones for your organization? Here are some hiring strategies that you can employ to help you attract the best possible candidates to your company.

  1.  Competitive pay. By offering a good salary you will attract individuals that are beyond entry level skills. Consider what the going rate is for employees for each skill set you employ and make sure that you are on par with the industry average or you might lose candidates to your competitors.
  2. Providing good work/life balance. Employees today are not looking for the same career path their parents had. They don’t want to work dozens of overtime hours a week and arrive home burned out.  You want to promote a culture that shows that you care about your employees’ well being and family life.
  3. Good Reputation. You want to make sure that your organization has a strong presence in the community with good reviews and reputation. You want to manage your company’s social media profiles quickly and handle any negative situations that happen so that new candidates find positive information when they are researching their company.
  4. Offer an open house. If you want to see who in your community is interested in working for your organization offer an open house recruiting event. This can be an intermediary step between advertising for the position and scheduling face to face meetings. Invite people to see the facility up close and see who will still be interested moving forward.
  5. Recruit passive candidates. Consider reaching out to candidates who aren’t currently looking for jobs. Individuals who provide the same skills for competitors might be convinced to come to your business for the right opportunity. If you show someone that you value them they are likely to provide exceptional service.

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