Inquiry Techniques to Increase Sales

Sales aren’t always at the top of mind for the owner or manager of a manufacturing company. However, as we continue to recover from some economically trying times many facilities are looking at ways to bring in new customers. Without hiring a top sales team, what are some the best ways to get new business? Here are some tips.

  1. Advertising. This tried and true method is still valid today, but it might look a little different than it did a decade ago. Buy a quarter page ad in an industry publication and you may see some return. Advertise on-line and you will see more results as businesses today are turning toward internet marketing and shopping.
  2. Press Releases. Has your company done something exceptional? Is there a new product just waiting for the right buyers? Create a press release and shop it around to your local papers. You may find your story is exactly what your community wants to read and that can create new business.
  3. Develop a Killer Website. The days of direct mail marketing have passed, or at least it is shifted. Now is the time to create a great website that no only draws attention but keeps prospects coming back to learn more. Make sure your website isn’t just informational but also interactive.
  4. Trade Shows. There are two ways to attack the trade show concept. One is to rent a booth and allow the prospects to come to you to learn about your business and how you can help them. The other way is to attend a trade show and scout out booths that might have a need for your product. Approach them directly and talk to them about their business before presenting them with you products and contact information.
  5. Know Your Audience. The most important thing about turning prospects into customers is learning how they want to get your information. Some people prefer the personal phone call and others want to see emails. Understanding how to reach out to them is as important as reaching out in the first place. Keep in mind that this kind of division is often generational and if you’re targeting Baby Boomers they want it personal but if you’re targeting Generation Y, they prefer to see technology.

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