Introducing our brand-new website!


Drum roll please…

We here at Luttrell Staffing Group are thrilled to publicly introduce our newly designed, snazzy, simple and user-friendly yet still stylishly sophisticated, brand-new Cadillac of a website (can you tell we’re just a little bit proud of it?). Long in development, this exciting part of our business is being rolled out to you, our associates and customers, because we care about making every aspect of your interactions with us as pleasant and smooth as possible.

Here are a few great features to take note of:

1.) Easy login buttons – The blue buttons on the left lead directly to portals for our employees, job seekers, and employers. The job seeker button leads directly to our online application process. The employee button leads directly to the login for the employee portal, where associates can change their information, view and print pay stubs and W-2s, and see their Luttrell Staffing employment history. It’s not up and running yet, but our clients will be able to use the employer button to view and place job orders, view and print invoices, etc.

2.) Search our jobs – Our ‘search jobs’ tab links directly to our ever-changing jobs portal – a great reason to bookmark our site!

3.) Staff information (under ‘why atwork’) – It’s not completely completed yet, but check out our ‘management team’ page for bios and pictures of our senior management team. Our ‘locations’ page lists a link for each office, each of which includes a complete list of staff along with extensions and email addresses.

4.) Testimonials (under ‘why atwork’) – Whether clients or associates, this is a place to feature people who are willing to ‘testify’ about their great experience working with us! If you have a testimonial you’d like us to feature, feel free to use the contact form – which leads, incidentally, to the next subject…

5.) Easy contact form – Our ‘contact us’ button is an easy way to contact any of our offices directly via the web.

6.) Blogging (under ‘resources’) – We love to blog about topics that are relevant to job seekers, employees, and employers – which, by our count, pretty much covers everybody. We have even been known to blog about some things that are fun but completely irrelevant!

We invite you to bookmark our site, sign up for our newsletter, ‘like’ us on Facebook, and stay abreast of all the happenings here at Luttrell Staffing Group. You can even keep up with and sign up for our various contests, including our current $100 VISA card giveaway! Even if you aren’t looking for work right now, please tell your friends, especially those who might need a job (or an employee, for that matter). Quite simply, doing business with us has never been easier!