Manufacturing Engineer Resume Advice

There are so many opinions about what recruiters want to see on a resume. In fact, if you ask 10 recruiters what each prefers you might get 20 different answers. A manufacturing centered resume is a much different document than one for an office professional. This is doubly true if you’re just entering the engineering field. Here are some tips for creating the best manufacturing engineer resume with your skills, education, and accomplishments.

  • Chronological vs. Functional. The most typical resume format is chronological. This is where you would list your job experience starting with the most recent and working back approximately 10 years. However, if you’re trying to get a job in a new field many professionals recommend a functional resume. This style showcases your skills and education drawing attention to the job you want rather than the jobs you’ve held in the past.
  • Start with knowledge. Begin the functional resume with bullets of all of your specialties. What kinds of things did you excel in throughout your education? If you performed consistently well with projects done in SolidWorks, for example, explain those projects in detail. Include all the software that you used regularly. If you focused on automotive engineering be explicit about the types of projects you worked on while you were in school.
  • Move on to your education. Name the school or university you attended, your degree type, and the year of your graduation.  Include all of the organizations you were a part of, especially if you held a leadership position or were given any awards. This information will stand out to managers hiring entry level engineering candidates.
  • Your work experience is last. Now is the time to mention your previous experience. Since this experience is not in line with the type of job you’re looking for it needs to be expressed in a way to show your reliability and your accomplishments. Be sure to include dates of employment. If you did these jobs while going to school mention that as well. Include any accolades you received for stellar performance.

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