An Luttrell Staffing Franchise – our beginning and 20 years later


Rogersville office – 1994

Some companies are started by rich folks who need a place to put their money. They build fancy buildings, hire a gazillion employees and hit the market guns-blazing, full throttle. Pretty soon they release an IPO, maybe even use some of that cash for a Super-Bowl commercial touting themselves as the next big thing. On the other hand, some companies have more humble beginnings, like starting out of somebody’s garage.

Ours? Well, ours was started by a guy living in his mother’s garage…

It was April, 1993. President Clinton had just been sworn into office. The internet was still a government program. Luttrell Staffing Group was a tiny franchise barely hanging on in a tough market dominated by the Kelly Services, Interims, and Olstens of the world. A hard-luck former life insurance salesman named David Luttrell, living in his mother’s basement apartment and on a temp assignment himself at the time, bought a struggling Luttrell Staffing office in Greeneville, Tennessee on a note payment from John Hall, the franchise owner.

A newly minted business owner who had nowhere to go but up or, well, bankruptcy… decided he would also open an office in the tiny town of Rogersville, Tennessee, despite having absolutely no idea where the business there would come from. In fact, even the Luttrell Staffing CFO at the time, Joe Moore, bet a Coke with the CEO (John Hall) that David wouldn’t be successful. Yet, the entire time, John believed in David’s potential to turn the business around.

Every day David beat the streets cold-calling businesses all over Green and Hawkins counties. Every day John would call David and check on his progress. After six months of dogged persistence, just before John was about to give-up on the whole thing and buy his doubting CFO a Coke, David finally landed a couple of large accounts in Greeneville and Rogersville, TN. From there he was able to beat the wolf back from the door and even hire a few employees.

Greeneville team 1993 -94

Greeneville team – 1993 – David Luttrell pictured far right

In the summer of 1994, Luttrell Staffing became a family affair when David hired his older brother, Marty, to help him open an office in Bristol, Tennessee. Working alone out of the Bristol office, Marty tried to drum up business every day as well, at first to no avail. After months and months of frustration he became quite discouraged, to the point that he seriously considered going into another occupation. Marty recalls getting the paper out and looking for jobs, occasionally kicking back in his office and pondering on just taking a nap.

The answer, of course, wasn’t a nap – it was to kick himself and get out of his seat, on his feet, and down those streets – and that’s exactly what he did! In the Spring of 1995, Marty did a proposal for a Bristol, VA concrete products manufacturer called Permatile. On the very day that the discouragement was about to overcome him, on the very day he had finally decided to give up and close the Bristol office entirely, Permatile called and asked for four workers. It was off and running from there (Permatile is a valued client to this day)!


Marty gives a presentation to Luttrell Staffing Franchise owners in 2012. His shirt says, “Off your seat, on your feet, down the street.”

About a year later, Marty formed his own corporation (Marty, Inc.) and took ownership of the Bristol office, eventually opening up several locations in Virginia and, later, Johnson City, TN. David continued to expand as well. In 2000, Marty and David merged their two companies and became partners as Professional Personnel Services (d.b.a. Luttrell Staffing Group Services, Inc.). A couple of years after the merger, they bought a staffing service in Dandridge, TN called D& D Staffing, eventually turning it into the most profitable office in Luttrell Staffing franchise history. Our Morristown/Dandridge office continues to be the franchise leader week after week.

Today, David and Marty Luttrell own 17 Luttrell Staffing offices in three states, ranging geographically from Roanoke, VA to Knoxville, TN and all the way to Gainesville, GA. Through their dedication and focus on providing the best in customer service, David and Marty’s franchises recently spearheaded Luttrell Staffing Group’s listing on the prestigious Inavero 2013 ‘Best of Staffing’ Client List. Boasting a rate of over 15% of staff who have been with the company a decade or longer, Professional Personnel Services (d.b.a.  Luttrell Staffing Group Services, Inc.) is an industry leader in internal staff turnover, a testament to the owners’ generosity, sense of fairness, and adherence to the ‘Golden Rule’ in their treatment of employees.

April 2013 will mark 20 years of service to our valued clients and associates. David and Marty attribute all that they have been able to accomplish to hard work, determination and, most of all, the grace of the God they serve.



Staff Christmas Party – 2012 – We’ve grown just a little bit since 1993!


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service through teamwork and integrity, establishing successful and prosperous partnerships with our clients and associates.

Vision Statement

Luttrell Staffing Group Services strives to be the top grossing Staffing Supplier in its markets by means of; identifying and implementing our competitive advantages, expansion, diversification, dedication and commitment to all our valued customers, staff and Luttrell Staffing associates.


Current offices and year opened

Greeneville, TN – 1993

Rogersville, TN – 1993

Bristol, TN – 1994

Asheville, NC – 1994 (Later sold in 1997)

Marion, VA – 1999

Johnson City, TN – 1999

Abingdon, VA – 2000

Dandridge, TN – 2002

Morristown, TN – 2004

Knoxville, TN – 2004

Dublin, VA – 2005

Duffield, VA – 2005

Sevierville, TN – 2007

Kingsport, TN – 2007

Roanoke, VA – 2008

Alcoa, TN – 2011

Gainesville, GA – 2011

Wytheville, VA – 2012