What your Resume Must Answer — The Important Question

When developing your resume for your next manufacturing or construction job you need to understand the purpose of the document. The question that it needs to answer is “Why should a recruiter call me?” A resume only has a few seconds to impress the reader so it is important to get the message across. Here are some tips for answering this question on your resume.

  • What have you achieved? This is all about your promotions and the increase in your duties as your career progressed. Think about where you started and how far you’ve come. If your increased responsibilities happened at the same company be sure to showcase your length of service. If more duties came from transitioning to a new company be sure to emphasize the change of position.
  • What are your accomplishments? Recruiters want to see the facts and statistics to back up your experience. Here is where you show them how your contribution to the company increased production or saved money overall. Share specific examples of how you played an important role in the success of your last company.
  • How were you rewarded? How did your previous company show their appreciation for your work? If you were awarded an employee of the month honor or if you were given a raise for a job well done these are things you should share on your resume.
  • How proficient are you at your job? Even though you should showcase what makes you better than any average candidate a recruiter is still looking for evidence that you are competent at your job. Share your skills and how you out performed them in your previous positions.
  • How are you an expert? Proficiency will only get you so far in your job search. Many of the candidates applying are equally as skilled at their jobs. What sets you apart? Show ways you have taken your skills to the next level. Have you used them to volunteer in the community? Do you write a blog about building or manufacturing? Share this information on your resume.

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