4 Ways to Build Confidence For Your Next Temp Interview

It is smart to consider temporary assignments while you are continuing to look for your next full time job. In fact, you never know if a short term job can turn into something long term, especially if you perform beyond expectations. It is important to treat your temporary job hunt just like you would any other and prepare for a temporary job interview, both with the staffing company and the potential client. Here are some tips to build confidence for your next temporary interview.

  • Research the company. There are two aspects to this tip. First, you need to research the temporary service to find out what they specialize in and how they can help you as well as how you can help them. Also, if they are sending you for an interview at a client office ask them to help you prepare as much as possible. Research the company and learn about the specific job requirements, the business, and the company culture.
  • Review sample interview questions. There are countless resources available online which can help you prepare for an interview. Check out some websites that offer sample questions that you can review. These can give you an idea of how to answer the questions the interviewer will ask. Be sure to be truthful and positive.
  • Practice with a friend. The best way to shake out the nerves is to have face to face interviewing practice. Ask a friend to help you with a mock interview. Give them some idea of what the position is and some questions that they can modify and ask. Not only will this opportunity give you some practical experience your friend can also provide some constructive feedback.
  • Highlight your strengths. If you were chosen for an interview by your temporary staffing company there must have been a strong match in your skills and the client’s job requirements. Identify these points and present them as your strengths in the interview. Showcase the skill set that is most in line with the company’s needs.

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