3 Ways to Onboard Your Temps

So often companies bring on temporary workers and expect them to “hit the ground running.” While a professional should have a shorter learning curve than someone at an entry level, it is still important to provide some onboarding to your temporary workforce. Here are three ways you can get your temps started successfully.

  • Communicate with your permanent staff. Before your new temporary employee starts work be sure to let your current team know who is coming and what they are there to accomplish. This will give your staff an opportunity to assist with the project or help the short term staff member feel more at ease in the office. It is also important to let everyone know that this new short term staff member is not a threat to their jobs in any way and is, in fact, there to make processes and projects easier for the duration of their assignment.
  • Consistent communication with temporary employees. Your temporary workers are there to help make your job easier so trust them to perform their duties. However, it is also important to provide regular feedback to them about their job and your expectations. Don’t let negative situations build until they are no longer fixable, address situations immediately and constructively. Be sure to offer feedback to the temporary staffing provider as well.
  • Assign a mentor. One of the best ways to integrate your new temporary employee into the team is to ask one of your current team members to act as a mentor throughout the assignment. She can work with the temp to help them learn the ropes of the office and get settled in. She can show the temporary employee where critical systems are, where the lunch room is, and continuously check in to see how he’s doing. The mentor can also become someone in the office that the temp trusts to approach with questions or concerns throughout their time with your company.

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